Thursday, July 2, 2009

Golden Press Lions '09... Vol.003

Axe, sharp as ever...

Cut-out speech bubbles for adults are provided with suggestive pick up lines. And the campaign line goes so... “New Axe Day and Axe Night. One is suitable for general audiences. The other is not.”

Naughty Naughty...

"On the bed or on the boudoir"

" I shaved for today "

" Finally! My fingers are burning "

Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires. Executive Creative Directors: Hernan Ponce, Walter Aregger, Hernan Ibarra. Creative Directors: Ricardo Armentano, Analia Rios. Art director: Pedro Losada. Copywriter: Antonio De Federico. Production Manager: Roberto Carsillo. Account Executives: Nestor Ferreyro, Francisco Odriozola. Client services director: Vanina Rudaeff. Photographer Martin Sigal.

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